A Community Banner

The purpose of Reformed Worship is to support the creative and discerning process of worship planning and leadership. We hope that churches will adapt all the resources included in this journal, but sometimes we wonder how they’re doing that.

We were encouraged by the following note from Mary Winters, particularly because her whole church got involved in the project. We share this with you in the hope that you will find it equally encouraging. —JB

Incorporating the creative talents of all members of a church is important, however challenging it may sometimes be. After reading Dean Heetderks’s “Come and See” column (“All Stars,” RW 89), we knew making banners would be a great intergenerational opportunity for our congregation.

We followed the article’s instructions. The project was easy to complete during the Sunday school hour after some initial prep work, including cutting squares of material and getting the paint. Participants included the adult Sunday school class and Sunday school teachers, children, and parents. It was a wonderful way to encourage interaction between some of the youngest and oldest members.

Seeing the banners displayed not only enhanced the Advent worship season for the whole congregation, but was exciting for those who had helped make the banners. Many participants spent time after the worship service trying to find “their” stars and were very happy to see their artwork used in worship (see photos).

The banners were displayed throughout the Advent season and will be displayed during future Advent seasons as well. We encourage other churches to try this project and hope that their efforts will be as richly blessed.


Though many people were involved in the creation of the banners, Esther Waid was the person who sewed each of the panels together. Esther also created additional banners for the sides of the church that beautifully visualized and articulated the message of Advent and Christmas hope.

Just a few months after completing these banners, Esther died after a brief illness. The banners were hung again at her memorial service. The cross pattern among all the stars was a visual testimony to our belief in the incarnate and risen Lord. What a testimony!

Mary Winters, (mjwinters92@sbcglobal.net) is worship coordinator at Blythefield Christian Reformed Church, Rockford, Michigan.


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