Amy Van Gunst

Amy Van Gunst is an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America and a member of their denominational Commission on Worship.


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  • Moving through the parts of a worship service has become more complex in recent years, particularly for churches that do not follow the same order of worship every Sunday. Also, using a variety of worship leaders calls for taking even greater care that the congregation be led in a way that helps them do what they have come to do: encounter the living God. Part of the task of a worship leader is to help the congregation move from one action to the next, to help them know what is coming and why it is coming.

  • Hymnbook: Gather

    Second Edition. Chicago: G.I.A. Publications, 1994. Pew Edition, Choir Edition, Keyboard Accompaniment Edition, Guitar accompaniment Edition, Instrumental Edition.

  • Songs for the Season


    When Luther began to prepare songs for congregational singing, he composed some and translated others. One of the first hymns the reformer chose goes all the way back to the fourth-century Ambrose, often called the father of Latin hymnody.

  • by Don Hustad. Carol Stream, IL: Hope Publishing Co., 1993. 595 pp., $29.95.

    No matter where we worship, we are faced today with the changing nature of worship. Hustad traces the history of music and worship, marking the many times in the life of the church that music and worship have undergone significant, and often painful, renewal. The context given by Hustad helps us to better understand the changing dynamics of worship today.

  • Praise & Worship music has been with us now for some time. As a church musician, I applaud the broad appeal these songs hold. The lyrics are simple, the tunes are contemporary, and they're often useful for reaching people who aren't familiar with the church. The music also evokes emotion that is also appealing to many people.

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