April Jackson

April Jackson pastors alongside her husband at Grace Unlimited CRC in Los Angeles, California, and they have four children and three grandsons. She is a teacher, a psalmist, and a passionate worshiper. She’s devoted to building, educating, and encouraging others in their physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. April has a tremendous love for writing, drawing, and calligraphy.

Articles by this author:

  • A Pentecost Prayer for Our Journey

    As we enter the season of Pentecost it is good to be reminded that the Holy Spirit came not to make a splash and then exit again, but to continue the work that Christ was doing. The Holy Spirit continues to be active in the world, and we as followers of Christ are called to join the Spirit’s work. This prayer is for those of us who are on the front lines, working in the trenches, or completing more tedious assignments for God’s glory and the advancement of his kingdom.

    O Lord, our gracious God and heavenly Father,