Brenda Kuyper

Brenda Kuyper is a church musician and worship planner at Granum Christian Reformed Church in Alberta, Canada.

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  • The following service was used for the opening of the meeting of Christian Reformed church leaders (classis) in the Southern Alberta/Saskatchewan area in October 2012. It functioned as a connection to the previous summer’s bi-national leadership meeting (synod) at which worship focused on each petition of the Lord’s Prayer. All the music chosen can be found in Lift Up Your Hearts: Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.

    Gathering Song:

  • "A new hymnal for a new generation.” Sounds like the latest television advertisement, except the word “hymnal” just doesn’t seem to fit. You can almost hear people asking, “Isn’t a hymnal something from, like, 1901, where they sing songs accompanied by ancient, dusty instruments?”

  • The seasons of Lent and Easter bring countless images of our Lord’s suffering, passion, and resurrection. What better way to capture the significance of this image-rich season than through these songs with their rich texts and music?

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