Chad Vandervalk

Chad Vandervalk ( is a student at Calvin Theological Seminary who is performing a year-long internship at East Christian Reformed Church, Strathroy, Ontario.

Articles by this author:

  • From Lament to Praise

    A New Year's Eve Journey Through the Psalms

    When we gather for worship on New Year’s Eve, we do so to praise God for the past year—to thank God for the wonderful gifts he has given us and to remember his wonderful deeds. But what if our year has not been good? What if, when we think back on the year, all we can remember is pain and heartache? What if we lost someone we dearly loved? What if we drifted away from a loving friend? What if we lost our job and are struggling to make ends meet? What if we’ve fallen into sinful behavior and find it difficult to break free? What if we feel abandoned by God?