Christopher Fluit

Christopher Fluit ( is pastor of Rochester Christian Reformed Church, New York.

Articles by this author:

  • Communion Liturgy on the Belgic Confession

    Rochester Christian Reformed Church, New York, crafts its own Lord’s Supper litanies to help connect the theme of the service or the season of the Christian year with the sacrament. This is the first of several litanies they will be sharing with RW readers. It is based on the sacramental sections of the Belgic Confession, one of the confessions held by many Reformed denominations.

  • Make Haste to Help Me

    An Ash Wednesday Service with Psalm 38

    [During this service, the sanctuary doors will remain closed. The ushers stand outside the doors to encourage people to enter the sanctuary in reverent silence.]

    Call to Worship: “Be Still, for the Presence” SNC 11 Stanza 1, sung by soloist

    Scripture Reading: selected verses from Psalm 38