Christopher Wheeler

Since transplanting from rural Indiana to Chicago in 2007, Christopher Wheeler has been involved at the Christian Reformed Church in Western Springs, Illinois, collaborating musically and writing original dramas and liturgies for the worship ministry of the church. He writes weekly stories and prayers at and blogs about art and faith at

Articles by this author:

  • Reflections for Advent

    Poetry Inspired by the Scripture of Lessons and Carols
  • Walk in His Steps

    A Good Friday Liturgy

    Approximately 2,016 years ago, God couldn’t walk.  He had to be carried everywhere, like most babies.

    2,015 years ago, God took some staggering first steps, fell, and scraped his knee. He cried, and his mother wiped away his tears and told him to try again. Or maybe he still crawled everywhere. Some toddlers are late bloomers.

    2,010 years ago, God ran across the street in a small town with the other kids, perhaps playing a version of soccer. He might not have been very good at it.