Ellen Joy Sharpe

Ellen Joy Sharpe (jonjoy@gci.net) is a member of the worship committee at Trinity Christian Reformed Church, Anchorage, Alaska.

Articles by this author:

  • Crucified--by My Hand

    Lenten Monologues of Nicodemus and the Centurion

    Some time before Lent our pastor, Al Van Dellen, announced the theme of his Lenten messages: “Crucified—by My Hand.” The topics were Judas, Nicodemus, Peter, and the Centurion. I immediately thought of the wonderful readings from the drama “We Were There” by Marla Ehlers (see RW 58). We used Ehlers’s portrayals of Judas and Peter on the appropriate Sundays, and I wrote readings for Nicodemus and the Centurion, along with a service plan for the Centurion. I’m hoping others may find these useful!