Faye Fredricks

Faye Fredricks is a member of Georgetown Christian Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan. She has been producing children's bulletins for her congregation for the past four years and exchanges bulletin ideas with a large number of churches nationwide. For materials and further information about starting a children's bulletin program in your church, contact Faye Fredricks, 7118 Williamstown Dr., Hudsonville, MI 49426.


Articles by this author:

  • Children's Bulletins: an Aid to Worship

    Why does the minister wear a robe? What is justification? Why can't I eat the bread? What is a benediction? You know how many tiles there are in the church ceiling?

    Those who sit in church with children will not find these questions unusual. Children often find our worship practices beyond their size: the pews they sit in and the words and concepts they hear are too big.