Graham Redding

Graham Redding ( is pastor of St. John’s in the City Presbyterian Church, Wellington, New Zealand.

Articles by this author:

  • Ascension Talk

    Pondering the Significance of the Ascension

    Sing! A New Creation includes a delightful little sung meditation by John Bell of the Iona Community that has as its opening line, “Take, O take me as I am; summon out what I shall be” (SNC 215).

  • Celebrating Easter Down Under: A Perspective from New Zealand

    Northern hemisphere visitors to New Zealand at Christmas and Easter frequently comment on how topsy-turvy it all feels down here. We sing, in the words of Shirley Murray, one of this country’s best known hymn writers, of an “upside-down Christmas” in which the traditional white Christmas of northern climes gives way to long summer days at the beach. And at Easter, the fresh scents and colors of the northern hemisphere spring give way to the muted colors and cooler temperatures of a southern hemisphere autumn.