Helen Breems

Helen Breems is a member and director of music at Pullman Christian Reformed Church in Chicago, and is choir director at Calvin Christian Reformed Church in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

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  • What instrument leads your congregational singing?

    In past decades, the answer to that question was quite predictable. Nearly every church had an organ, and that instrument was central to the music of each service. Today for a variety of reasons (including the cost of organs and the lack of trained organists) other instruments are taking on that leadership role. Many congregations, including my own, are led by the piano each week.

  • Symbols are an important part of Reformed worship. We use light and darkness, crosses, doves, shepherds and sheep to help us see God, who in Christ and through the Spirit is redeeming us. We do this because as Reformed Christians we believe that life and worship are one. A variety of media is appropriate in the Reformed worship service. Increasingly, wood and glass, architecture, inspiring banners, paintings, musical compositions, and liturgical dance are being used to touch our hearts and to help us sing God's praise.

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