Jan Boers

Jan Boers (jboers@i2k.com) is a member of the worship planning team at Sunshine Community Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and both writes and performs dramas for worship.


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  • “Come and See” has been presented at women’s groups, youth groups, and in worship services. It has always been well received.

    The actor who plays the part should not underestimate the amount of preparation time needed to portray the character—it is an emotionally and physically draining role. The length of the monologue requires creative blocking, and lighting effects add to the presentation.

  • Characters
    Christina: a guest and friend of the other girls
    Rachel: Christina's best friend
    Amy: Rachel's younger sister

    Christmas music
    Table with chairs
    Box of Christmas decorations

    A homey living room

    [Lights up music on Amy is happily investigating the contents of the Christmas decoration box. Music is blaring and she is singing along Enter Rachel and Christina]

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