Joan De Vries

Joan De Vries ( is pastor of ClearView Christian Reformed Church, Oakville, Ontario. She planned this
service with David Locke, Worship Coordinator, and Mike Visser, Technical Support at ClearView.

Articles by this author:

  • Somebody's Coming

    Imagine standing in the arrivals area at the airport, your heart pounding. Your beloved has been away on a long trip, and any second he or she is going to walk through those doors. In your mind you can already see the dear, tired face lighting up as your eyes meet.

    What a sense of excitement there is when something eagerly anticipated finally arrives! That same kind of anticipatory joy characterizes our waiting for Jesus in Advent. In fact, our sense of joy during longed-for events in our lives is mild compared to the joy of what God has done, and is still doing, in Jesus.

  • Listening to the Prophets

    Four Services on Handel's Messiah with PowerPoint