Karen Van Bemden

Karen Van Bemden (kvanbemd@uccs.edu) was worship director for Cragmor Christian Reformed Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado when this service was planned. She is still a member there, and is pursuing graduate study in curriculum and instruction.


Articles by this author:

  • Filthy Rags of Deadly Sins: A Visual Focus on Repentance

    Our Lent series this year focused on the theme of sin. We used the seven deadly sins as a guide to examine our sin in some of the services. The first week of the series was a very general introduction to sin. The second week we introduced the seven deadly sins, using dirty rags to represent each of the sins.

  • Sing of God's Care: A Thanksgiving celebration of God's providence

    We were just finishing a ten-week series on “the big words” of Reformed doctrine. The word for Thanksgiving Day was providence, God’s continuing care for the world. As we started putting the service together, it became clear to us that we could sing practically the entire message. The idea of having a “lighter” service after all of the heavy doctrine was appealing. But how could we get all of the songs we wanted to sing into a one-hour time frame?