Len Kuyvenhoven

Len Kuyvenhoven (lkuyvenhoven@neland.org) is pastor of Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church.


Articles by this author:

  • Alive to the Spirit

    A Celebration of the Coming of the Spirit

    Alive to the Spirit at Neland Church was a season of focusing our lives and worship on the Holy Spirit. Using six biblical pictures—wind, breath, down payment, seal, dove, and fire—we explored and experienced the Spirit’s presence and work through sermon, song, dance, visual arts, writing, and prayer.

  • God's Reply to Cries of the Heart: Neland's Lenten Theme

    The song “Hear the Cry of My Heart” was composed for a Lenten series at Neland; we wanted a song that would directly articulate the “cries” mentioned each week. I composed the verses around a particular meter. Leah Ivory came up with several compositions and we chose which melody we thought best expressed the mood of crying out to God.