Marcus Roskamp

Marcus Roskamp is the lead pastor at Faith Reformed Church in Lynden, Washington. This series was designed and used at his former church, Pella Reformed Church in Adams, Nebraska, and represents a collaborative effort with the worship ministry team there.

Articles by this author:

  • Freedom from Fear

    A Series for Lent

    Freedom from Fear” is a Lenten series created by Pella Reformed Church in Adams, Nebraska. Throughout the gospels Jesus tells his followers or those around him, “Do not be afraid.” Yet today fear plays an enormous part in our lives. We spent the season of Lent looking at the times where Jesus says, “Do not be afraid” and discovering what fears Jesus is releasing us from today.

    A song you may choose to use for the whole series is “Don’t Be Afraid” LUYH 429 by John L. Bell of the Iona Community