Marnie Giesbrecht Segger

Marnie Giesbrecht-Segger is professor of music at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. Her husband, Joachim Segger, is professor of music at the King's College in Edmonton and director of music at West End Christian Reformed Church.


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  • March
    See, Christ Was Wounded

    The tune for this Lenten hymn was composed by Joyce Recker, a freelance artist now living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both tune and harmonization were created as a special project for a music-theory course taught by Joachim Segger at The King's College in Edmonton. It is fitting that Segger has now prepared two alternate musical settings to further reflect the text of this hymn.

  • Some preachers are tempted to do as little "doctrinal" preaching as possible. After all, people expect preachers to be relevant, to relate the gospel to the here and now. How does a preacher do that with an old document filled with intellectual statements about faith that seemingly have very little to do with life?

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