A. Merril Smoak Jr.

A. Merril Smoak Jr. (msmoaktbc@hotmail.com) is associate pastor of music and worship at Trinity Church, Livermore, California. He also serves as professor and dean of Olivet University’s Jubilee College of Music in San Francisco. For copies of the arts festival information or an entry form and brochure, contact him by email.

Articles by this author:

  • An Arts Festival for Holy Week

    A Celebration of Christ-centered Arts

    Symbols, shapes, and colors help us to visually embody the Christ story and spiritual truths of Holy Week. As artists reveal these biblical images through paint, glass, photography, or mixed media, we visually relive Jesus’ last earthly days in Jerusalem. This was the purpose of Trinity’s first arts festival, “A Celebration of Christ-centered Arts,” a two-day event held on Palm Sunday weekend in 2009. The festival was open to the public all day Saturday and on Sunday afternoon. The art also became an engaging part of our Sunday worship service.