Patricia Anne Elford

Before her clergy worship leadership, both in civil and military settings, Patricia Anne Elford prepared worship services for Toronto and Vancouver Schools of Theology, for conferences, workshops, camps, Canadian Girls in Training, Guides, church schools, and international use.

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  • Scene 1

    [If desired, you could have an individual or small group humming “Were You There?” underneath the monologue until the phrase “Lazarus! Come out!”]

    Please step back with me to the first Easter morning. [head scarf on]

  • It’s safe to say that most Christians have memorized the Lord’s Prayer. But when we do so, we often become attached to the wording of a specific Bible version. As a result, some of us find it distressing when we hear a different reading of the Lord’s Prayer. When planning worship you might have been surprised by the strong response of some when you use an unfamiliar version. “What next?” they say. “Is nothing sacred?”

  • Fire! Fire!

    This engaging and active children’s message is designed to be shared on Pentecost Sunday. Red feathers are used to symbolize the flames of Pentecost that hovered over Jesus’ friends as they gathered.

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