Peter Menkin

Peter Menkin ( is a poet who lives in Northern California. You can listen to an audio reading of the poem, revised in 2002, at (search on the poem’s title).

Articles by this author:

  • Tongues of Language and Flames

    Pentecost Sunday Prayer

    Of this poem, author Peter Menkin writes: “I chose the imagery of the Exodus from the Old Testament to say that we are liberated by our God, Christ, and that he brings us to freedom.”

    Pentecost Sunday Prayer

    For I am empty and forlorn,
    so I hope and pray.
    Tongues of flames. Language.

    I search; let me
    welcome the Holy Spirit.
    The God who brought
    us out of Egypt to freedom;

    let God do this emancipation:
    accept and welcome,
    and let us receive the Spirit.