Philip Stel

Philip Stel, pastor of First Christian Reformed Church (CRC), Lansing, Illinois, submitted this service, which was planned and held jointly with Bethel CRC in Lansing, Gerrit Veenstra, pastor; and the host church, First CRC in Munster, Indiana, Herm Schutt, pastor.

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  • In Jesus' Name

    A Prayer Day Service

    This service was submitted by Philip Stel, pastor of First Christian Reformed Church, Lansing, Illinois. It was a joint service of three churches: Bethel Christian Reformed Church and First Christian Reformed Church of Lansing, Illinois, and Munster Christian Reformed Church, Munster, Indiana.



    Processional and Scripture Readings

    The Altar of Incense Prayer: Exodus 30:1-8

    “Old Testament” Prayer: Luke 1:8-10; Psalm 141:1-2

  • The King of Glory Now: A Service Celebrating the Ascension of Christ

    Last year three pastors of neighboring churches wanted to help our congregations celebrate Ascension Day as a high point of the Christian year. We decided to hold a combined service the Sunday before Ascension Day (Ascension Day is May 25 in 2006), and publicized it as a coronation service.