Richard Foster

Richard J. Foster is founder of Renovaré, an ecumenical Christian organization
working for the renewal of the Church in all its multi-faceted expressions. He is the author and editor of numerous books that emphasize personal spiritual renewal, including Celebration of Discipline, Prayer, and The Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible. This article is based on the text of a speech he delivered to the Evangelical Press Association in May 2007.

Articles by this author:

  • Ten Counsels: Richard Foster on Spiritual Formation

    What does spiritual formation have to do with worship? Everything. Our dialog with God in worship moves us through the same formation, conformation, and transformation process as Richard Foster suggests takes place in spiritual formation. As you read the following article, consider how your worship supports spiritual formation. Brainstorm with your worship committee or another group about how your worship can better lead congregants through the process of formation, conformation, and transformation. —JB