Rick Spies

Rev. Rick Spies grew up loving to listen to the stories told by his grandparents and others of their generation. In many ways they shaped his view of the world—not least through their faith. After teaching in Zambia for almost a decade (again listening to tales of the elders) he served as a United Church of Canada minister for more than thirty years, again listening and learning. He’s now retired and about to become a grandparent himself.

Articles by this author:

  • 80 and Over Sunday

    Service Ideas for Celebrating Older Adults

    Eighty and Over Sunday” emerged in the life of a small, rural congregation I was serving. It struck me that we had a significant number of elderly in our midst—people who for years had lived their faith and shaped the life of the community. We were wanting to hold some special services to be an evangelical outreach to those affiliated with or known to the congregation but who did not regularly attend. A service and reception honoring the elderly among us seemed a good way for families and friends to reconnect in a positive, life-giving way.