Robert Westveer

Robert Westveer is a worship leader at the Ann Arbor Campus Chapel.


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    Up through endless ranks of angels,
    cries of triumph in his ears,
    to his heavenly throne ascending,
    having vanquished all their fears,
    Christ looks down upon his faithful,
    leaving them in happy tears.

    Death-destroying, life-restoring,
    proven equal to our need,
    now for us before the Father
    as our brother intercede:
    flesh that for our world was wounded,
    living, for the wounded plead.

  • Prayer for Advent

    O IMMANUEL, we come to praise you on this first Sunday of Advent. A new year is beginning, a new year in which we eagerly anticipate the wonder of your coming among us. A new year in which to worship you, to heed your call to obedient action, to listen to your teachings. Each Advent is like seed sown in our lives. May it not be choked by the weeds of work and shopping and parties and decorating and baking. May it not be ground underfoot by the intense soil of cloying sentimentality so that it cannot survive the fierce pressures of the seasons.

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