Roderick Jager

Roderick Jager teaches at South Christian High School in Grand Rapids, MI, and works as a part time worship coordinator with his wife at Friendship Christian Reformed Church in Byron Center, MI.

Articles by this author:

  • A Primer on Microphones

    If you can’t hear the Word clearly, how can you worship effectively? If the worship sound is distracting, how can we join with others in worship?

    While how microphones are used doesn’t affect the spiritual quality of worship, it makes a great difference in its technical quality and, if done poorly, can impede worship. To have the most technically excellent worship service, one must understand how microphones work and how to use them effectively.

  • On Worship Technology

    Incorporating evolving technology has been an ongoing theme in Christian worship for two thousand years. From the use of scrolls to the invention of the printing press, from the use of lanterns to the invention of electricity, and from use of a pipe organ to the invention of electric guitars, worshipers have always been adopting new technology in worship.