Ryan Faber

Rev. Ryan Faber is pastor of worship and administration at Faith Christian Reformed Church in Pella, Iowa.

Articles by this author:

  • Trumpets, Tears and Ashes

    A Series on Habakkuk

    Nicholas Wolterstorff says that Christian worship, like the Old Testament psalter, should include trumpets, tears, and ashes—that is, praise, lament and repentance. All too often, however, tears and ashes are absent from Christian preaching and worship.

  • As for Me and My House

    A Covenant Renewal Service Based on Joshua 24

    At key moments in their history, God’s Old Testament people renewed their covenant relationship with God. The following service is based on one of those moments as chronicled in Joshua 24. It invites the congregation not only to remember but also to rehearse and reenact the story as their own. Some congregations find such a rehearsal of God’s covenant particularly meaningful as they transition into a new year.


    Scripture: Joshua 24:1