Sue Mitchell Wallace

Sue Mitchell Wallace, of Atlanta, Georgia, is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Guild of Organists. She is active as a recitalist, composer, and leader of hymn festivals in the United States and Great Britain.


Articles by this author:

  • Easter Hymn Festival

    Reading: Philippians 2:5—11

    Hymn: "O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High" (PH 364, RIL 342, 343, TH 121)


    Reading: Luke 19:29-38

    Hymn: "All Glory, Laud, and Honor" (HB 187, PH 375, RIL 279, TH 173)

  • How to Plan a Hymn Festival

    Planning a special service for your church and community? Consider a hymn festival, a blending of song and readings, often from Scripture, that appeals to people of all ages.

    The apostle Paul urged the people of Ephesus to sing the words and tunes of the psalms and hymns when they were together, and to go on singing and chanting to the Lord in their hearts, "always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Eph. 5:20 NIV).