Tim TenClay

Tim TenClay is the minister of Pultneyville Reformed Church (RCA) near Rochester, New York. He completed a bachelor of arts degree in religion and music at Central College (Pella, IA), a master of divinity degree at Western Theological Seminary (Holland, MI), and a doctor of ministry degree in worship and spirituality at Northern Seminary (Lombard, IL).

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  • In the late summer of 2012, the worship ministries group of the congregation I pastor began considering whether to preorder Lift Up Your Hearts for our pews. Since I am a member of the hymnal’s editorial committee, I said very little during those discussions. Although I occasionally answered questions that arose, I wanted to ensure that the decision was made in the congregation’s best interest rather than because I was pushing it through. Nonetheless, I could barely contain my excitement when I heard the decision had been made to proceed with the preorder.

  • The Christian church has a reputation for being a bit stodgy. Our worship seldom attracts criticism for being too joyful or too exuberant—indeed, if we had to make a biblical comparison, many of us would be forced to admit that our worship is closer to Eutychus falling asleep “as Paul talked on and on” (Acts 20:9) than to “the roar of a great multitude” (Rev. 19:1).

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