Tracy Sybesma

Tracy Sybesma is chair of the worship planning team at Faith Christian Reformed Church in New Brighteon, Minnesota.


Articles by this author:

  • Mothers of Messiah

    Monologues to Use with Advent Candles

    Genealogies often look like a grocery list of names. But if you
    take the time to “listen,” a genealogy reveals a story—a thread
    woven into the history of a family that connects one generation
    to the next.

    The genealogy in Matthew 1 tells the story of Christ’s human
    ancestors; evidence that God became flesh and dwelt with us. Jesus
    was born into a family whose history, like ours, is filled with stories
    of heroes and stories that people might prefer to leave hidden.

  • Vigil of the Final Hours: A Service for Maundy Thursday

    Our worship planning team wanted to create a Maundy Thursday worship service that would provide historical and cultural context to Christ’s final hours before his crucifixion and offer an opportunity for the congregation to experience the symbols in a fresh way. I was challenged by our team to develop a vigil with a celebration of the Lord’s Supper as the centerpiece. In preparation, I immersed myself in the Passion narratives, commentaries, and historical accounts.