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Come and See

Heightened Awareness

Last summer we moved to a new house about forty minutes away from where we lived before. (Note: If you’re nicely settled and have twenty years of living neatly stashed away, I wouldn’t recommend moving. It’s fun to think about, but the execution can be rough.)

Different Roads, Eyes Open Wider

We’re settled now, but the newness has made us sensitive to everything around us: our neighbors, their houses and yards, the sky, the landscapes we’re passing on new routes to work and shop.


After the two 5′ x 12′ inkjet-printed banners were hung, the church office manager came up behind me and said, “I think we might need to include an artist’s statement in the bulletin.” What? Who could possibly not see what we were trying to visualize here?


A friend contacted me to ask if I had designed any worship visuals around the theme of missions—more specifically, the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16–20: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations . . .”. I’m sure I had done something at some point, but I couldn’t find a thing. Well then, that time is now.


It’s been twenty years or so since video projection took over many of our worship spaces. Because we were so enamored by the new technology—guaranteed to take our worship to the next level, whatever that was—it quietly snagged the top spot in the visual hierarchy of our spaces.

Funeral Palls

Funerals are odd events. Normally, if you are going to invite all of your friends and family over, you have weeks or months to prepare—think of the resources called into play for most weddings. But for a funeral, the deceased might have left a few notes about Bible texts they’d like to be read or their favorite songs, but often there is very little put down about colors or flowers or who will attend and who might speak. Add the fact that you usually have to pull something together in days, not weeks or months, all while working through raw emotions.