Two Events that Make All the Difference

An Ascension Day and Pentecost Virtual Roundtable

Ascension Day and Pentecost are major events in the life of the Christian church. We confess the truth of Jesus’ ascension and the coming of the Spirit every time we repeat the words of the Apostles’ or Nicene Creed. But what difference do these days make in the life of the average worshiper today? And how do Christians and churches mark these important events?

Teaching the Faith, Expanding the Song

An Interview with Irish Hymnwriter Keith Getty

Keith Getty has played an important role in developing modern hymns for the church. With Stuart Townend, he has written “In Christ Alone” (see RW 71, p. 33) and “The Power of the Cross” (RW 71, p. 28), both sung around the world today. These hymns aim to teach the truths of the Bible for multigenerational Christian worship.