Essays: Worship Seeking Understanding: Windows into Christian Practice

John D. Witvliet. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2003. 320 pp. $26.99. ISBN 0801026237.

This final collection of essays is by a single author, John D. Witvliet. Witvliet has organized these essays, many previously published but here presented in revised form, into five broad categories: biblical, theological, historical, musical, and pastoral studies. The breadth of disciplines covered is a testimony to Witvliet’s own interdisciplinary scholarship and commitment to worship discussions that bring the historian, theologian, and practitioner to the same table. As a result, these essays are grounded in careful scholarship. They are insightful, pastoral, and accessible to a wide audience.

Two other slightly older books have been recently rereleased and are worth rereading; both were reviewed in RW in their original editions: Worship: Reformed According to Scripture by Hughes Oliphant Old (RW 66, p. 46) and David Peterson’s Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship (RW 33, p. 46).

Rev. Joyce Borger is senior editor of Reformed Worship and team lead for resourcing and worship for the Christian Reformed Church of North America.

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