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Date of wedding_______  
Place ________________ Phone_________________      Confirmed_____________
Number of guests______  
Place of reception __________________ Phone_________________      Confirmed_____________
Time of reception_____  
Members of wedding party  
Bride_________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Groom_________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Bride's parents_______ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Groom's parents_______ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Attendants____________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
____________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
____________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
____________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
____________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
____________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
____________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Soloist_______________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Organist______________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Other musicians_______ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
  Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Minister______________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Guest book attendant__________________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Punch servers_________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Photographer__________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Caterer_______________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Florist ______________ Phone_________________      Contacted_____________
Baker (cake)__________ Phone_________________      Contacted____________
Janitor_______________ Phone_________________      Contacted____________

When will candles be lit?____________

By whom?____________

Will programs be distributed?____________


Will the ceremony be videotaped?_______

Where will the video photographer stand?____________

Will the ceremony be audiotaped?_______

By whom?_________________________

Who is responsible for purchasing video/audio tapes?____________

Will a sound system be used?____________

Who will set up and run it?____________

Where will guests hang their coats?____________

Where are the restrooms?________

How many rows reserved for bride's relatives?____________

Groom's relatives?_______________________

Which grandparents will be present?____________

Where will they be seated?____________

Will handicapped guests need help or special seats?

Where is the ramp for handicapped guests?_______

Special seating arrangements for separated families?____________

If so, describe:______________________________


How much music should be played prior to the service?


When should it begin?__________________________

When should the processional start?________________

—When all guests are seated

—At the time the wedding is scheduled to begin

—After grandparents and parents are ushered in


Who will direct or assist the processional?___________

Who will have the rings?________________________

When should they be given to the bride and groom?___________

Will a unity candle be part of the ceremony?______

If so, will side candles be extinguished or kept burning?_________

How will the bride and groom be introduced? (Mr. & Mrs. John Smith, John and Mary Smith, Mary Jones and John Smith, etc.)_____________________________

Where will the receiving line stand?______________

Who will be in it and in what order?______________

Date _____  
Place ________________ Phone_________________      Confirmed_____________
Person in charge______________ Phone_________________      Confirmed_____________
People expected to be at rehearsal

Rehearsal Checklist

Note: The bride and groom should be careful to work out all the details—even those that may seem insignificant—before the rehearsal. Expand list below as needed.

___ Introduce participants

___ Locate dressing and/or entry rooms

___ Decide lighting and who will control it.

___ Instruct ushers and practice with them.

___ Locate places for participants to stand during ceremony.

___ Have bridal party enter and find places (without music, to save time)

___ Go through processional, ceremony, and recessional with music as planned.

___ Repeat until all are confident.

___ Notify participants when pictures will be taken.

Place_____ Phone_________________      Confirmed_____________
Person in Charge_____ Phone_________________      Confirmed_____________
Reception Checklist

Photos prior to ceremony or following?_______

If after, are guests informed of a delay before reception?__

Arrangements confirmed with caterer and baker?_______

Where will gifts be placed?__________________

Will gifts be opened by attendants or left unopened for bride and groom?____________

If opened, who will keep track of source?_______

Is a sound system needed?____________


Who will it be controlled by?_____

Describe the seating arrangements_______

Describe the serving arrangements_______

How will the reception begin?_______

Who will offer prayers?_______


When will the bride and groom cut the cake?_______

Is a program planned? _______

If so, describe:_______

Who is in charge of the program?_______

What will be done with the flowers?_______

Who will take charge of the men's formal wear?_______

The bride's dress?_______

Who is responsible for the care of gifts?_______

Robert C. Bloem and Diane Brummel Bloem, authors of Workshop on Bible Marriages (Zondervan), are members of Kelloggsville Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Diane Brummel Bloem and Robert C. Bloem, authors of Workshop on Bible Marriages (Zondervan), are members of Kelloggsville Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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