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RW 91 cover artist Linda S. Schmidt also teaches quilting nationally, internationally, and online at

On page 43 of RW 90, the first stanza of Andrew Donaldson’s song “Although I Speak with Angel’s Tongue” is missing a phrase, and the word angels’ should read angel’s. Our apologies to Andrew for those errors. The corrected lyrics are posted on our website, and are also reprinted here:

Although I speak with angel’s tongue,

my faith, my knowledge all surpass,

but have no love, my gifts are vain

as clanging gong or blaring brass.

For love is patient, love is kind,

and never vain with boasting pride;

love bears all things, all things endures.

All things must end; love will abide.

For now we peer at darkened glass;

our visions end, our tongues cease.

In part we know, in part now see;

then we will see Love face to face.

The gifts are many, the body one,

and into one are all baptized.

Beloved, share one heart, one mind,

one hope, one faith, one love in Christ.

—Words: 1 Corinthians 13, paraphrased by Andrew Donaldson, © 1995 Andrew Donaldson. Tune: SHE’S LIKE THE SWALLOW (SNT 161). Alternate tunes: O WALY WALY, PUER NOBIS, ROCKINGHAM

New Resources to Consider

  • Baptism Cards—Concordia Publishing House is offering a new line of “baptism birthday” cards. The 15-card set includes one card for baptism, 13 cards to commemorate “baptism birthdays,” and a special card to celebrate confirmation. The set, which is unique to the sacramental life of Lutheran and other liturgical, Reformed churches, is available at
  • Images of Faith—This new CD, edited by Sandra Bowden, published by CIVA, and made possible by a grant from the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship, is a rich interactive experience. It contains 100 images by contemporary artists to be used for projection in teaching, preaching, and devotional settings by churches, colleges, and seminaries. You can purchase the CD online at

Justice Song Contest for Christian Reformed Church

The Office of Social Justice for the Christian Reformed Church, Christian Reformed World Relief, Reformed Worship, and the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship are pleased to announce a song contest on the topic of justice. The search committee encourages submissions from CRC members representing varying ages, ethnicities, and worship styles.

New texts should be accompanied by a tune suggestion or a newly composed tune. Consider working with another person or a small group to reflect on social justice issues and compose a text together. Texts will be judged on their theological and biblical accuracy, the use of justice as a central theme, fittingness for congregational worship, and effective use of language (i.e. quality of poetry, imagery). If a text comes with a tune, the tune will be judged on its singability, musicality, and fittingness to the text. The selection committee may pair a winning text with an alternate tune. For information on social justice, ideas for topics to consider, and more information on the song contest, visit

Winning entries will be compiled by the Office of Social Justice, made available for download by churches, and copyrighted by Faith Alive Christian Resources.

Winning entries will be published in Reformed Worship and will be posted online with links from all the sponsors’ websites. For additional prize information see and click on Justice Song Contest.

Please submit two hard copies of the text and accompanying tune or a suggested tune on one-sided 8.5 x 11 paper with your contact information (including an e-mail address if available) on a separate sheet of paper. A recording of the song as used within a worship setting would be appropriate to include, but is not required.

All submissions must be postmarked by October 1, 2009. Final selections will be made by November 1, 2009. Direct any questions to Joyce Borger at 616-224-0763; email: Please send submissions to:

Reformed Worship

2850 Kalamazoo Ave. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49560

New Hymnbook for RCA and CRC

Many of you have already heard that plans are underway for a new hymnal that will serve two denominations: the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church. Specific information on the hymnal can be found at—including answers to frequently asked questions, guidelines for submitting newly written texts and music, and information on the process and committee members.

Calendar of Events

To better serve our readers, we have placed our calendar of events entirely online so we can keep it current. To find the calendar, visit our home page at Click on the “Event” bar at the top right to find a range of dates. From there you can explore a variety of worship-related events.

To add your event to this calendar, please contact us at with complete information. We reserve the right to decide which events to include and to edit submissions.

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