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2007 Calendar of Events

March 24: Raise Your Praise—Again!
London, Ontario; First Christian Reformed Church
This workshop will focus on worship and its renewal. Kathy Smith, director of continuing education and the Making Connections Initiative of Calvin Theological Seminary will be the plenary speaker. The Christian theater company Friends of the Groom will then lead the participants in learning about renewal of worship through the arts of dramatic reading, storytelling, and drama. For more information contact Linda Fletcher sfletcher@sympatico.ca

April 13-14: Faith Engaged: Through the Roof
Palos Heights, IL; Trinity Christian College
For people with disabilities, those who care for them, and for Christians who desire to better love, incorporate, and use the gifts of these often marginalized people in the body of Christ. For more information, email Jane Voss (jane.voss@trnty.edu).

April 25: Preaching Conference
Grand Rapids, MI; Calvin Theological Seminary
Michael P. Knowles, George F. Hurlburt Chair in Preaching at McMaster Divinity College, will lead this day-long conference aimed at pastors and preachers who are hurting and wounded. For more information, call 616-957-8733 or email continuing.education@calvinseminary.edu.

June 4-8: Theology and Practice of Pastoral Ministry
Grand Rapids, MI; Calvin Theological Seminary
Strong pastoral identity is the key to sustaining pastoral excellence. This course, led by Duane Kelderman and Kathy Smith of Calvin Theological Seminary, will integrate theological understanding of pastoral ministry with the basic practices of pastoral ministry: worship, preaching, teaching, evangelism, pastoral care, and congregational leadership. Cosponsored by the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence program of the Christian Reformed Church. For more information, email continuing.education@calvinseminary.edu or call 616-957-8733.

June 17-22 or 24-29: Passion Through Ascension
Montreat, NC; Presbyterian Association of Musicians
“Passion through Ascension: Forming the Household of God through Sacrament and Story” is the theme of this conference, offered twice in June. The conference director is Don Armitage; leaders include Scott Black Johnston, Martha Moore-Keisch, John Ferguson, Thomas Trenney, Sigrid Johnson, Tracy Du Pue, Judith Willoughby, Sandy Holland, David Harris, Ken Cooper, Lynn Miller, Erich Thompson, and Jane Welford. For more information visit www.pcusa.org/pam, email pam@ctr.pcusa.org, or call 1-888-728-7228 ext. 5288.

June 25-29: Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, and Other Occasional Services
Grand Rapids, MI; Calvin Theological Seminary
A course taught by John D. Witvliet. For more information, email  continuing.education@calvinseminary.edu or call 616-957-8733.

July 8-13: Celebrate the Risen Christ
New Wilmington, PA; Westminster College
“Celebrate the Risen Christ: Living the Font and Table” is the theme of this week directed by Jason Asbury. Conference leaders include Chip Andrus, Paul Galbreath, Jason Kissel, Sandra Doneski, Marilyn Hines, Hugh Ballou, Rebecca Thompson, Scott Miller, Mary Baber Redd, and Christian and Tiffany Nicely Holleck. For more information visit www.pcusa.org/pam, email pam@ctr.pcusa.org, or call 1-888-728-7228 ext. 5288.

July 15-19: Celebrating Hymn Heritages
Ottawa, Ontario; The Hymn Society of the U.S. and Canada
Speakers include John Bell, S. T. Kimbrough Jr., Andreas Teich, Paul Westermeyer, Robin Knowles Wallace, Gillian Warson, and others. For more information go to www.thehymnsociety.org, email administration@hymnsociety.org, or call 1-800-THE HYMN (1-800-843-4966).

October 17-20: From Water to the World
Dallas, TX; PAM West
“From Water to the World: Forming Faithful Communities” is the theme of this conference. The director is David Batchelder; conference leaders include Glaucia Vasconcelos Wilkey, Kimberly Long, and David Eicher. For more information visit www.pcusa.org/pam, email pam@ctr.pcusa.org, or call 1-888-728-7228 ext. 5288.

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