News and Notes

Audio Links for Psalter Hymnal and Sing! A New Creation

Since we’ve updated our website, we’ve heard from many of you who want to know where to find the audio links for the songs included in these two songbooks.

Here’s how to find them: visit and type in “Psalter audio” or “Sing audio” in the search box.

New Hymn Resources on the Web

Hope Publishing ( is making its hymns available online to those with the proper licenses to make copies. Simply go to their website and select “Online Hymnody.”

Similarly, Selah Publishing is also making its music available online to license holders. For access go to and select “Hymn Search.”

Both sites are a great resource for new texts.

Thanks for your patience!

By the time you receive this issue, the bugs should be out of our website and you should be able to access this issue (using the password found on the inside front cover, bottom of right-hand column) without any problems. If you want to access the previous issue, simply click on its cover found on the home page and enter the password for that issue.

Association for Reformed and Liturgical Worship

This fledgling organization continues to grow and now has an official website ( in addition to a newsletter. For more information about AR&LW or to search for other worship resources and reflections, check out this new website. Also consider attending the AR&LW National Gathering, July 6-8 at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington. The topic is: “Past and Present, Forms and Reforms: Sacraments in the Reformed Tradition.” Gregg Mast, president of New Brunswick Theological Seminary, will be the main speaker.

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