Children’s Pages for the Christian Year

Ascension and Pentecost

Ascension Day

On the fortieth day of Easter, Jesus went up into heaven; he ascended from the earth. If you count the forty days starting with Easter Sunday, Ascension Day falls on a Thursday, though many churches observe it on the Sunday before or after. Do you ever wonder where Jesus is now? What is he doing? Why can’t we see him the way his disciples could? Ascension Day reminds us that Jesus is on the throne in heaven, praying for each one of us. Not only that, but whenever we hear the story of Jesus being raised up to be with God in heaven, we are reminded that one day we too will be raised to new life and live with God forever. I wonder what that will be like!

The Ascension and Me

Read Acts 1:6–11 or the Ascension Day story from a children’s Bible and then draw the part of the story that you would like to think more about. You could also respond to the story by writing a message to God.


When Jesus ascended into heaven, he promised to send the Holy Spirit to be our helper. The Holy Spirit helps us to believe in God, to share the good news of the gospel through our words and actions, and to remember the truths that are in the Bible. Pentecost, which we celebrate fifty days after Easter, is the day when all those who believed in Jesus received the gift of the Holy Spirit for the first time.

Prayer Labyrinth

This is a prayer labyrinth. It is a way for you to use your body to pray. Begin at the white path on the bottom of the flame and move your finger or a toothpick slowly along the path until it ends. When you get to the middle, take a deep breath and then turn back the way you came, moving your finger slowly along the path until you exit the flame. Ready to pray?

  1. As you move toward the end of the path, talk to God. What do you want to say to God?
  2. When you get to the middle, take a deep breath in and out, continuing to talk to God until you are done.
  3. As you move your finger back to the beginning, listen for what God is saying to you. Take another deep breath in and out and thank God for sending the Holy Spirit.
  4. Repeat as often as you would like.

Fruits of the Spirit

Have you heard of the “fruit of the Spirit” before? These are holy characteristics we will see growing in our lives if the Holy Spirit lives in us, but they are not things we can work hard to make happen on our own. Read Galatians 5:22–23. Can you name all nine fruits of the spirit and write them on the tree’s fruit?

Fruits of the Spirit and Me

What fruit would you like to ask the Holy Spirit for? Write it on the apple.


Lindsey Goetz is a children’s minister at First Presbyterian Church of Aurora, Illinois. She is a co-founder of, where she creates resources for families and churches for wonder-filled, theologically-rich faith formation. Word & Wonder’s The Gospel Story Hymnal will be published in the fall of 2023.

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