Appreciates the Resource

Reformed Worship is a thought-provoking, inspiring, practical, visionary publication. Thank you.

Ellen Gabrielse
Framingham, Massachusetts

RW Instructs and Inspires

As head of staff at a middle-sized Presbyterian congregation in northern Maryland, I know firsthand of the many time constraints and pastoral commitments which so often tend to crowd a ministers calendar. I also know the personal discipline required in preparing a weekly sermon that strives to speak a relevant word of faithful witness to the contemporary needs of our world. Fortunately, those of us involved in this task are able to turn to a homiletical resource such as Reformed Worship for both instruction and inspiration. My work has truly been enriched and enlivened with every issue, and I certainly want to express my sincere appreciation to you.

Robert S. Crilley
Cardiff, Maryland

Helps Us Plan

Our congregation's Music and Liturgy Committee and I regularly plunder the pages of RW for helpful and meaningful worship resources. I would like to thank the RW staff for providing us with a stimulating resource that we often use outright (with credit of course!), but that more often gets us paging through Scripture and song books and our own minds as we plan worship services that we pray help God's people in Covenant CRC.

Jim Dekker
Edmonton, AB, Canada

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