Andrew Kuyvenhoven

Andrew Kuyvenhoven is a former editor of The Banner and is a retired pastor in the Christian Reformed Church.


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  • This series of sermon and song outlines from Acts focuses on the victory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    The perils that the early church faced are similar to those we face today. Racism, legalism, and all kinds of "exclusivism" threatened to split the church. People were too easily convinced by worldly "wisdom" and were tempted to rely on magic and witchcraft.


    Ministers in the Reformed tradition have always been shy about stressing rituals and symbols. We don't kneel as the Anglicans do, and we seldom raise our arms as Pentecostals do. We don't know what gestures we should use in the "presentation" of the offering, and we are unsure if we ought to lift the chalice or goblet in the Lord's Supper. But we do have a fixed tradition in the "breaking of the bread." And here we give the wrong message.

  • Most (Christian) Reformed congregations cannot get many of their members to attend an Ascension Day service on the Thursday evening ten days before Pentecost Sunday. For that reason—and because they are not quite ready to give up—many congregations have begun worshiping with other congregations on Ascension Day. In some areas the churches have even organized Ascension Day rallies.

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