Cindy de Jong

Cindy de Jong ( is Coordinator of Worship and Codirector for the Worship Apprentice program at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a member of Neland Avenue CRC.


Articles by this author:

  • Advent in Narnia

    An Invitation to Biblical Explorations Beyond the Wardrobe

    The Chronicles of Narnia have held a special place in my heart and life for many years. They invite me to imagine other worlds and give me fresh insights into the ways the biblical narrative of creation, sin, and sacrifice can be understood and experienced. I’m not alone in my deep appreciation for all the times that Aslan, Lucy, Eustace, Reepicheep, and other Narnian characters have popped into conversation as illustrations from another world for how we might live in this world.

  • Praying Through the Psalms

    An Evening Psalm Festival

    At a summer planning meeting on her back porch, Laura Smit, Dean of the Chapel at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, mentioned a Psalm Festival she had done with her church in Boston—all 150 Psalms in one night. That sounded like a great project for Calvin College.

  • One Body, Many Gifts: Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Back in the 1970s, a big old church on the corner of Neland and Watkins in urban Grand Rapids faced an important decision—was it going to continue to provide a house of worship and a center of ministry in this neighborhood, or would it close its doors?