Clayton Libolt

Clayton Libolt ( is pastor at River Terrace Christian Reformed Church, Lansing, Michigan.

Articles by this author:

  • Christ Talks

    A Series for the Season of Epiphany Based on the Travel Narrative of the Gospel of Luke
  • Selecting a Listener

    The Sacred Dance of the Preacher, the Listener, and the Spirit

    Ted Kooser—Iowan, former US poet laureate, and, like Wallace Stevens, an insurance man—famously described the reader he would choose as someone with “hair still damp at the neck / from washing it,” who takes down his book from the bookstore shelf, peruses it, and puts it back, saying, “For that kind of money, I can get / my raincoat cleaned” (“Selecting a Reader,” Flying at Night, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005, p. 3).

  • The Joys and Perils of Reusing Sermons

    For a long time—the thirty years and more that I was the pastor of the same church—I prided myself in never preaching the same sermon twice. There were exceptions, of course. If I went off somewhere on vacation or for some other reason and was given the opportunity to preach, I took with me a sermon or two, usually a recent sermon, adapted it some for the new place, and preached it over again. These occasions were rarely wholly satisfying. The message, usually part of a series, often seemed slightly off in a new context and preached to people I hardly knew.

  • The Story

    A Series on God's Work in the Lives of His People

    Life is a story. Or, rather, a series of stories. “What’s your story?” is a question we like to ask each other. Your story, like everyone else’s, has a specific arc to it: birth, childhood, education, work, family, and eventually death—but every story is different.