David Vanderwel

David Vanderwel is executive director of Camp geneva, Holland, Michigan.


Articles by this author:

  • The Issue You Thought You'd Never See.

    Like many of you, the things that I value in worship are deeply colored by my past. I grew up in a rather conservative, traditional church without much liturgical awareness. There was good fellowship and vibrant singing (our organist played at the local roller rink during the week, giving a certain energy and beat to the music when we sang). Fanny Crosby was a staple in our musical diet during worship, and we enjoyed having the minister accompany the congregational singing on his trombone.

  • The Burning of the Christmas Trees

    On a bitterly cold January 6, families from Christ Memorial Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan, expectantly gathered in a circle around a small bonfire in the church parking lot. Children jockeyed for position, eager to have an unimpeded view of the huge pile of dead and discarded Christmas trees.