Donald J. Bruggink

Donald J. Bruggink is professor of historical theology at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan.


Articles by this author:

  • More than Just Furniture

    What place does the baptismal font have in our churches?

    Usually when we think about or discuss baptism, we focus on biblical exegesis, theology, or the implications of the sacrament for Christian living. But another important aspect of baptism lies in its symbolism—symbolism that is carried partly by the baptismal font.

  • Orders for Christian Healing

    *Everyone who is able, please stand.
    Prayer of Confession

  • Preaching Uniforms; What to Wear in the Pulpit

    One of my impetuous classmates once decided Lo ignore local custom. He was preparing to preach in a church in Holland, Michigan—a church with a conservative, low-church background. Instead of wearing his navy suit, my friend donned his black Genevan gown. As he walked down the center aisle after the service, he was startled to hear someone hiss "papist!"

  • Book: New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship

    Edited by G. W. Davies. Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1986, 544 pp. $29.95.

    Because this dictionary of liturgy and worship is published by Westminster Press, one might expect it to have a Presbyterian orientation (which would hardly account for its 544 double-columned pages). However, for a more accurate perception of the tenor of the book, one would do better to associate Westminster with the abbey and the Anglican church, for it is out of that basic context that a large number of the articles are written.