Doreen Kellogg

Doreen Kellogg is a professional banner maker who has works represented in churches, schools, and businesses throughout the U.S. as well as in seven other countries. She is a member of New City Fellowship Church (PCA) in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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  • Do banners hang in your worship space?

    During the last couple of decades, interest in banners has enjoyed a revival. As a result, many congregations have decided to add a banner or two to their sanctuary. But often they haven't really thought through the purpose and meaning of those banners. Do banners add to worship, inspiring worshipers to reflect on who they are as children of God and what kind of God we are called to serve? Or are they merely decorations to brighten up a dull or plain space?

  • Cory Atwood. Wilton, Conn.: More-house-Barlow, 1986, 82pp., $9.95.

    Inspired by the growing use of banners in worship, many people have considered becoming banner makers. Some have succeeded. Others have hesitated, unsure of where to begin or what's involved in making a banner. Banners for Beginners offers clear guidelines that will help potential banner makers translate their ideas into banners that enhance worship.

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