Elizabeth Vander Haagen

Elizabeth Vander Haagen is a pastor at Boston Square Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Articles by this author:

  • Teach Us to Pray

    A Journey with Family Worship

    Family Worship. Ask for a one-word response to the idea of worshiping together as a family, and the responses are telling: “Intimidating.” “Impossible.” “Important.” “Covenant.” “Bible.” “Wish.” “Regret.” And“How?!”

    The “How” of Family Worship

    How, indeed! Four years ago we were asked to work together to create a prayer book that could help families―—even families with young children!— worship together.

  • A Justice and Worship Checklist

    The following checklist was prepared as a handout at a session on worship and justice at the January 2003 Symposium on Worship and the Arts. It is also posted on the website of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (www.calvin.edu/worship).

    Who are the “least” in our church? In our community? In our world? How can our worship reflect God’s special love and passionate concern for the “least” among us?

  • If You Make Room They Will Come: Welcoming People with Disabilities

    The family of God is not complete unless all are present—people of all ages and races and physical abilities.What do disabilities have to do with worship and justice? People with disabilities were the last group in the United States to receive legal rights. Those with mental retardation were not allowed to go to school until 1974; they were not allowed to live in communities (in group homes) until the 1980s.

  • Let Justice Roll: Worship Planning Resources with a Justice Theme

    How much justice in worship is enough justice? Churches often develop a service once a year around one specific justice issue like hunger, but rarely does justice penetrate every week of our worship, or even better, every component of that weekly worship. How can the whole of our worship service reflect God’s special love and passionate concern for those who are poor and excluded? These resources will help worship planners integrate God’s call to justice in worship throughout the church year.