Lora A. Copley

Lora A. Copley is blessed to be a wife, a mother of four children and an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church. She teaches at Rehoboth Christian School and in a pastoral leadership program on the Navajo Nation.

Articles by this author:

  • Teach Us to Pray

    A Journey with Family Worship

    Family Worship. Ask for a one-word response to the idea of worshiping together as a family, and the responses are telling: “Intimidating.” “Impossible.” “Important.” “Covenant.” “Bible.” “Wish.” “Regret.” And“How?!”

    The “How” of Family Worship

    How, indeed! Four years ago we were asked to work together to create a prayer book that could help families―—even families with young children!— worship together.

  • Of Fumes and Fire

    Hidden Dangers of the Pulpit

    There it stands, so innocent, at the front of the sanctuary. Yet whether it’s a modern Plexiglas lecturn, an elevated baroque booth, or a humble music stand, the pulpit should come with a “Danger” warning label. Externally, the preacher must contend with spiritually toxic fumes that collect around the pulpit; internally, there is a fire.