Gregg A. Mast

Gregg A. Mast is Minister of Social Witness for the Reformed Church in America.


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  • When I was a child, my father served on the sacraments committee of our church. That sounded like an important job to me: the sacraments were the most awe-inspiring actions I had yet experienced. No wonder I was surprised and disappointed to discover that "sacraments committee" was just a fancy name for the people who cut bread, washed dishes, and filled the font before baptism. I expected more, I guess.

  • Where's the Font?

    Where is the baptismal font in your church? None of us would have any difficulty locating our favorite pews, or the pulpit for that matter. Indeed, most of us know where the communion table is. But where is the font in your church?

  • Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1984. 192 pages, $6.40.

    In 1980 the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. resolved to develop a "new book of services for corporate worship, including a Psalter, hymns, and other worship aids." It also requested that over the "next several years a variety of worship resources be made available… for trial use throughout the church before any publication is finalized."

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