Howard G. Hageman

The Rev. Dr. Howard Hageman is past president and Distinguished Professor of Liturgies of New Brunswick Theological Seminary.


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  • In place of our usual Service Planning column, in which we offer a series of sendee ideas for several weeks, we present in this issue a single, complete Good Friday service. The service centers around the final sayings of Jesus on the cross, and was developed by organist Robert Busch for the 1991 Good Friday Service at theFlatbush Church of the Redeemer in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1986,104 pp. $7.95.

    The only way, really, to review a book of this kind is to use it. However, for a retired seminary professor, that is next to impossible. In the past two years I have conducted only three funeral services. Therefore, in assessing this book I must rely on the next best method: reading each of these services out loud.

    Before examining the contents of this book, however, I should like to mention some of the problems I had in the area of funerals when I was in the parish ministry.

  • Christians who are searching for a Reformed tradition of celebrating the Holy Week may be disappointed by what they find. Although the Reformers observed parts of the Christian year, they left us no precedent for worship during the Holy Week except the celebration of the Lord's Supper on Easter Sunday. Not surprisingly, the contemporary Reformed church has experimented with many types of liturgies in an attempt to fill that void.

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