Jessie Schut

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  • Growing in Grace: A four-week series to get your church education plans off to a great start, page 1 of 2

    Another September rolls around. If you’re a typical worship and liturgy planner, you’re probably thinking, “We really ought to highlight the beginning of another season of education.” On the heels of that thought comes another: “We need to commission our education leaders. Where do we find a liturgy for that?” You might rummage through your files, hoping to cobble something together. And that may be the end of it, at least until next September.

  • Kids in Worship: Fifteen churches report what they're doing

    The elderly gentleman was adamant. Including a children's message in the worship service, he said, distracted other worshipers from focusing on God.

    An equally elderly gentleman leaned forward to emphasize his disagreement. He said he was thrilled to see that finally the lambs as well as the sheep were being fed at the worship service.

    A mother added her viewpoint. She said that she sometimes got more out of the children's message than the sermon.