Joan DeVries

Rev. Dr. Joan DeVries is a CRC pastor who has served several congregations in Ontario as lead or interim pastor. She is currently an assistant professor of worship arts at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia.

Articles by this author:

  • Worship 101

    A Five-Part Worship and Preaching Series on Worship Basics

    Let’s start at the very beginning.” . . . And all God’s people sing in response: “A very good place to start!”

    Many churches have planned their own versions of a Worship 101 series. In fact, this series is a blend of Worship 101 series from two very different congregations with different needs and approaches to such back-to-basics reflections on worship. The one goal they shared was a desire for the series to bring greater unity to their congregations.

  • Shaped by a Psalm

    When I first began preaching and my chosen text for a Sunday was a psalm, I would simply preach about the psalm at the prescribed section of the liturgy, seeing myself as the one who was called to explain and expound on the psalm as a piece of biblical text. Of course, liturgists and I would also include other elements in the litany that connected to the psalm’s language or meaning, and we would search for a great song of response to “seal the deal,” but the psalm itself remained intact as the preaching topic.